Thursday, 25 July 2013

C64anabalt [C64]

One night after putting our daughter to bed I was beckoned into the 'games room' by my husband, thinking my luck was in. I was disappointed to find he actually wanted to show me a new game on the C64. I scoffed at the thought of a new game on such a vintage console (retro just did not seem to be an old enough word!) At my husbands insistence I sat down and gave it a try...

3 hours later and I was well aware that my competitive side had taken the reins and I could not stop!

In a simple black, white and grey color scheme you are in control of a man, who looks suspiciously like Psy of Gangnam style fame, while he runs across the tops of buildings.

 The side scrolling screen moves increasingly faster and with only one control - Jump- you must avoid a whole number of objects and gaps between the buildings (tip: if you feel you are travelling too fast crash into a box - it slows you down!) You will not be able to beat the game by looking for patterns as each time you restart the game randomizes what obstacles you face which helps keep it fresh and challenging.

The music is a high energy chip tune, that actually enhances the game play. Being just the one track I thought it would get boring or frustrating but you genuinely don't notice that it does not change.

Despite my initial misconceptions I really enjoyed this game. My only warning is be careful who you play with! The more competitive gamer (ahem!) can get a bit carried away and you can truly lose so much time just trying to beat your last score, or that of your hairy companion.

Verdict: THUMBS UP


C64anabalt was developed by Paul Koller with a SID chip conversion of Danny B.'s original score by Mikkel Hastrup (Encore)

Available for purchase at RGCD on cartridge

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