Monday, 5 August 2013

Get'em DX [C64]

 Recently I have been on a real microcomputer binge. The other month I grabbed a stack of games from the fantastic people at Binary Zone, home of the infamous Psytronik published games.

One of these great games was Get'em DX.

The game is similar to Pacman in many respects, you navigate a maze collecting dots and avoiding badies. However this pill-muncher is packing heat and can shoot up his adversaries, which you can do in 4 directions. Enemies come quick and abundantly, taking various numbers of hits to dispatch. Their sprites are brilliant and full of character. Making hunting then a joy.

The levels are randomly generated and you complete them by clearing the screen of dots and finding an exit key which you must carry back to the aforementioned exit.

While the mazes are simple rectangles, the sprites more than make up for it, each one has a fantastically stylish and cute anime look... I keep expecting hello kitty to show up!

Game play is fun and extremely challenging at times, with the levels being generated you truly have no idea what's coming next.

The music is a lovely upbeat soundtrack full to the brim with charm and character. Right up there with the classics.

I love me some old school arcade games and this title delivers. Easy to get into, and the challenge of beating your prior efforts is addictive to say the least.

Costs less than a packet of cigarettes...get this game!


Available on tape and disk here.
Available on cartridge here.

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