Monday, 5 August 2013

Oh Mummy! [Sega Megadrive]

 Right out the gate I must make a confession... I don't own this game. It was an indie release in 2010 and I was unaware of it at the time. I stumbled over the title one day in a news feature on Retro Collect recently stating the team, Alternativo 1985, had released the ROM file into the wild. This is most likely to draw attention to their forth coming shooter available this year.

Luckily for me this was almost the exact time I bought my Everdrive MD, a device that you can load ROM files onto so you can play in the original Megadrive console. With the opportunity to take the game or for a spin, I did just that. The Everdrive had no problems loading the file into its memory and before you know it I had a new game to play for my Megadrive (as if I need more).

Upon starting the game you are confronted by an option to play original or new. I opted for original, I was then exposed to what looked like an Atari 2600 game... And then it hit me, I had seen this before! Oh Mummy is based on a much older game on the Zx spectrum of the same (or similar) name... My memorys a bit fuzzy. So I fired up the new version after a few rounds and I must say the remake they have done is great. The game could of easily been made commercially back in the day, with bright well drawn sprites and game mechanics that change from stage to stage... There are even boss fights now!

You play as an archaeologist running around inside the pyramids hunting for treasure. The occupants of the aforementioned tomes aren't too happy about this and have made it their mission to hunt you down. The scariest of the these walking dead are the super-mummy... Not sure if that's their actual name but Fuck it. These mummies hide inside tomes until you have discovered it's contents by running around its perimeter, then they pursue relentlessly. Once you have searched all the tomes you can exit the stage.

Music is ok, not really my jam but whatever. The typical Megadrive fare really, the tunes are good, just not something to enjoy by themselves.

So, overall opinion... Its quite good really. Controls can sometimes piss you off and the bosses are a bit out of place game play wise but otherwise a solid little remake.

For the price of free, I certainly got my money's worth ;-)


ROM available here.

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