Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Car-booty Episode 6 - End of season

It's officially the end of summer.This is the end of car booting harvest, we have reached the point of the year when it's getting too wet and cold to sell outside.

Obvious winter joke is obvious

So what does this mean for us collectors? 

Prices are about to go up on eBay significantly due to the influx of weather shy sellers, re-sellers have hoovered up the bargains and are preparing to reap their rewards. Summer is a time for normal people to shift old crap ready for the winter months, and in turn winter is when we buy more stuff. Joe Blogs will order his nostalgia online and not simply stumble across it...


This year we see 2 new games consoles come into the world. This means the arse is about to fall out of the previous 2 generations. 360 and PS3 games will plummet in price over the coming months and the generation that preceded them will fall to pennies. Possibly.

There is one thing to consider...

We are going to be entering the first 'meh' generation of gaming. There is almost no innovation this time round, sure the visuals get a bit of a boost and everything will be more accessible but there is no killer app yet. I genuinely cannot think of one thing I am excited about... And I can't be the only one.

When is the update worth it?

Games. Games. Games... You put out a game I can't get anywhere else I will consider my options. I have more than my fair share of certainty that the next gen is simply going to be more of the same. This generation was a simple refinement of the prior one, and took almost 2/3 years to truly find its feet. This round will be more of the same in both content and adoption.

As long as the PS4 doesn't have fish in it

Because the existing market is happy. They have everything they wanted, online gaming, market places, sharing to social sites and well developed franchises. Games are so expensive to make in the big leagues, publishers are only willing to back safe bets... New systems mean smaller user base which in turn equals less revenue, and in this current financial climate you won't see unique titles, only safe bets.

Sounds bleak?

Not at all! Smaller companies are about to thrive, they are more flexible, more creative and have significantly lower over heads. The advent of mobile gaming has created a new ecosystem of gaming experiences, small, fun and cheap. It's a buffet of quality games that are becoming the mainstay for gamers on a budget. Providing the latest generation support the little guy they will move units... Look at the ipad, £500 device to play 69p games. There will always be the big players, but their costs aren't getting any less so their content won't be innovating anytime soon for fear of scaring off loyal franchise followers.

What on earth does this have to do with car boots?

Not much, but there was jack shit on my latest hunt... And I doubt there will be until next summer.

So that's it for Car-booty for now, so until there is something worth blogging, keep them eyes peeled, and eat your carrots - it's getting darker everyday.


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