Monday, 14 October 2013

Bomberland multi player review [C64 ]

Dani and Chris showdown!
I looked at Bomberland last week on the release day and gave the single player a good old British try. It's a frantic experience and thoroughly enjoyable...

However playing this game is like sex, it's much better with 3 others than by yourself.

I built a controller setup specifically so we could review the Multiplayer as featured here, I will have to wait until Christmas for my actual cart.

The team gathered last night to put Bomberland through its paces, and the results were hilarious! The neighbours banged on the wall (honestly!) because we were all yelling and screaming in defeat.

Thumbs up from Dani, Atari pads taste nasty.
The game doesn't suffer from any slow down, even when each player has left trails of bombs all over the place. The graphics are stable and we did not notice any weirdness or instabilities whilst playing in 4 player mode. It's hard to believe that a geriatric computer like the C64 can cope, but it does flawlessly.

Game play is exactly as you would expect from a commercial release of a 'bomber' game, fast and frantic with moments of tension when the competitors have been whittled down.

Learning the power ups is essential as we each gravitated towards various strategies, Chris favoured remote mines and trapping people, Dani favoured huge blast zones, Michelle went bezerk and I simply ran around laying bombs in long lines like a chicken on speed.

The only gripe any of the team had was hand cramp from the ghastly atari controllers, which started to hurt almost immediately - some things are best left in the past. No fault of the game whatsoever. Despite pain, we played on and laughed our arses off, And that is how bloody good it is.

What else can we say? If you love Multiplayer that involves actual proximity to other humans, just buy it, and while your at it grab that 4 player user port adapter you never had an excuse to buy - because now you have the best excuse possible.

Bomberland is everything we wanted it to be - and so much more.

Stop reading... Buy it already!

~Anton, Michellex, Chris & Dani.

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