Thursday, 3 October 2013

Holiday hunting [Pickups]

This week was intended to be a well deserved holiday with my family in the south, but you can't keep a good hunter down! On day 2 we headed to a small town we used to live in about 10 years ago, as we wandered the high street it became clear the town has changed a lot and not at all at the same time... New versions of the previous stores now take residence in the remains of the old.

picture thanks to Google

The town used to have some great stores for retro games but these slowly died, my favorite being Game City and Electronics Boutique... The old Gamestation was also quite good too before Game gobbled them up. Faced with a nearly no chance of finding anything of interest I aimlessly strolled in and out of charity shops until in the very last one, my jaw hit the floor...

I noticed a pile of grey cartridges and some cardboard boxes so I set about rummaging. There were a few I already had but I thought 'fuck it' and just grabbed the entire lot and dumped them in front of the bemused lady on the till. After 5 minutes of till hammering I was out the door...

So what did I find?

  • Contra 3 [SNES] for £1
  • Jurassic park [SNES] for £1
  • Roadrunner [SNES]for £1
  • NBA Jam T.E [SNES] for £1
  • Stunt Race FX [Boxed complete] [SNES] for £3 
  • Fatal Fury Special [Boxed complete] [SNES] for £3
  • Super Mario World (Nintendo classics edition) [Boxed complete] [SNES] for £3
  • U.N Squadron 88 (Jap) [Boxed complete] [SNES] for £3
  • Tribal Tap multiplayer adapter, 2 Official pads, 1 unofficial pad and a Gamesmaster import adapter for £5
  • 2 new white Game branded Wii/GC controllers £5 
  • Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 & Mysteries of the Sith [PC] for £1
  • Guilty Gear X [PS2] for £1.99
  • Wave Race Blue Storm [GC] for 99p
Total spend £29.97.

Estimated savings based on average eBay prices [not B.I.N] approx £75 - £115+

A few bits not pictured, but google images dude seriously...

The best thing about it... it was my Birthday... So thank you Nan and Auntie for the AMAZING gifts made possible by your cards! Later in the week I will be tackling another southern town, it should be fun, so watch this space!


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