Saturday, 24 August 2013

Car-booty Episode 4 - Rain, rain, go away.

The forecast for Car-booty this week - Shite.

After a wash out on Saturday I am sat watching Tim Minchin with my Wife and my Mother. Today really was never going to be about hunting bargains for 2 reasons, firstly my Mother is here and secondly I am as skint as a pikey before dole-money day.


My recent procurement of 6 six boxes of awesome has zapped this months budget and most of next months. So after dragging my heals for a few days I finally got around to listing my doubles on fleabay, and I tell you I hate that little scabby corner of the net. I believe it was the Jedi master Obi-wan who said 'You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious' when he sold his electric shaver on the shit-stain of an auction site. Whiners and time wasters aplenty.

Right off the bat I am getting emails BEGGING me to sell items for a price, and trying to cover my costs I agree only to get the inevitable 'I misread' emails. Urgh... If I was ballsy enough to e-beg, I would have the fucking decency to READ the goddamn auction first.

Then come the international 'will you post to...' emails. 

Sure, no problems, happy to oblige however we both know you wont pay for decent postage and also expect to get the item for pennies. My last Saturn sold to South Africa... for £7. The postage was almost £30. I made £7 on one of the finest consoles ever, with barely enough to cover postage - THEN I have to pay fees. THAT wont happen again I tell thee.

'You eBay...'

Ugh... enough negativity...

So I have had the weekend to myself pretty much without any bargain hunting, which has been nice in all honesty. Its been great hanging out with 'Nona' and 'Wifey', but I cant help but to feel the OCD itch of wasting money on old shit clawing away at my insides. I need my fix. Fuck, when did it get this bad?
Go forth and buy crap my son!

Tomorrow it should be a sunny Sunday should Odin, God of car-boots, smile upon me. Maybe our last sofa coins will purchase something cool but I doubt it... but whatever I don't need anymore shit...

I think.

With this in mind I can't help but to consider what on earth I am still looking for? I started the collecting side of my hobby with my first love - The Sega Megadrive, and quickly found myself picking up other bits I found interesting. Cut to now and I have had to erect 2 sets of shelves because my 3 storage units are full, I also write for several sites including my own... when am I going to play all these bloody games?!

The answer is now. When I can't go hunting...

Here's to a brighter tomorrow!


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