Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Sims & Me

I am writing this today on my new computer! Very exciting I know! But those among you with the same affliction as I will know all too well the mind numbing task that has befallen me - re-installing EVERY SINGLE ONE of my Sims 3 games!

Now, many of you reading this will ask why bother...

'clearly you have not been bitten by the highly contagious Sim's bug!'

I was bitten over 13 years, give or take, sadly at the time I was in an uninspiring relationship and, truth be told, a bit trapped by it and looking for something to fill the gap in my existence - forgive my tangent but I still remember now how it started and it was with an original PlayStation and an olde time Video store.

Having acquired a chipped PlayStation and a boatload of games (another story, another day) I popped along to my video store to sample the newly installed games section. being friendly with the owner he recommended Theme park world, and that is where it began! For the next 7 days I was hooked I spent my free time expanding my park and loved the control and power it gave me back in my life.

I reluctantly took the game back after a month and the kindly video shop owner recommended that if I had enjoyed this game to try the Sims which is one that his partner played a lot. So I took myself off down the high street to Woolworths and purchased the first Sims game. Now, at the time the price was quite high, especially for a game I had never played but being desperate for something in my life I brought it and took it home. After I had installed the game I sat down to play and started as Bob and Betty Newbie!

scary how much i still remember of the first game! Fair to say that being a newbie myself I was not aware of the online community at that point or the cheat codes so I played on ignorantly as I slowly built up my house and plodded on. As time went on I discovered the expansion packs and expanded my game and then they announced The Sims 2!

Ok I have Installed 5 out of 18 so far!

So Sims 2 came into my life with better graphics and more interactions with items - it was essentially the same game with different content which suited me fine! This time round EA introduced Stuff packs - for those of you that don't know these are extra items and clothes that revolve around a theme that you can buy - and yes I brought them all!

I have brought every expansion and stuff pack going! I try not to want them but I am compelled and even the slightly odd ones have suckered me in, despite me openly scoffing at them I still got them and loved them all.

With Sims 2 I became involved in the online community, mainly to keep ahead of the new expansions and developments and so when they announced Sims 3 I hung on every announcement, every picture and every game play demo released.

I also pre-ordered the special edition of the Sims 3 - something I have never done in the past - and even had my husband upgrade our gaming rig to accommodate it. I was not disappointed!

Ok I have installed 12 out of 18 - getting there!

Sims 3 and all the released expansions and stuff packs have NEVER failed to live up to my expectations and I have found that, over Sims 2, I can literally lose days to playing this game and time passes in the blink of an eye when i am playing! I, personally see this as a true sign of a good game.

I think that a fair description of my relationship with the Sims franchise would be 'obsessive' but happily so, to the point where I would find a way to buy the latest release even if it meant going without something.

But, and this is a big but, I am now a stay at home mother and, although my husband and I do make time for gaming in our lives, I have recently found that the time I invest in playing Sims 3 has to be so carefully planned that I have missed out on playing for fear of not being able to stop when I need to but my amazing daughter is most definitely worth it.

I am still very much in love with this franchise and I even learnt of Sims 4 existence before the general public as I had a friend on the inside. That being said, now I have other focuses in my life, and although I am still very excited for the Sims 4 - I am slightly less obsessive about it now and I am happy to wait and see what will be!

I end this with only 3 left to install, so I might even get a session in when my daughter is in bed tonight.


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