Thursday, 1 August 2013

Organ Trail [PC, iOS, Linux, Android, Ouya]

Being a mum to a VERY inquisitive 13 month old, who does not stop,  means that any time I get to play games is very limited and, to me, very precious.

So the other night when i was getting excited about settling in to play my latest Sims expansion, (yes I am aware it came out a little while ago but see my first sentence!) I was very disappointed to be dragged from my desk to play yet another retro game that my husband was sure I would love (He is hardly ever right about this, as our opinions on good games differ greatly, but he is right more than I care to admit - at least to him) This was one of the occasions that he was kind of right however...

I begrudgingly listened as Anton explained the mechanics of the game to me and then we sat down to play together (by this I mean one plays while the other shouts from the sidelines, we play like this a lot to avoid the 'we don't do anything together' arguments).

I will admit from the outset that the firing mechanics wound me up to the point where I nearly threw something at Anton's head in anger but I found that my accuracy improved naturally as i played through, but other than that i found myself really enjoying the gameplay. The graphics are charming and I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed them (yes I am a bit of a graphics snob - for this I apologize greatly)

About a third of the way through Anton made the mistake (mine not his, mind) of telling me that i was doing better than he had, that was it I HAD to finish this game quicker than him and better than him. The next hour passed in a bit of a blur as I balanced scavenging for food with managing and trading supplies, all whilst keeping my group well rested so my poor unfortunate sister in law did not turn into a Zombie (she got bit about half way in). In  honesty, I had not noticed that Anton had left the room for 40 minutes until he started to give me advice about the final mission!

I know you are all dying to know, well probably not really but i will pretend... I DID manage to do far better than Anton did and all my party were alive when we reached the end - insert raspberries with accompanying na-na-nana-na-na's here. [But one WAS a zombie right?! - Anton]

However, never one to admit that my husband is right, when he asked me what I thought of it, my response was a very dull, uninterested 'its alright'.

I did actually really enjoy this game, it appealed to all aspects of my gaming preferences, I would usually be whining about the retro graphics but this one won me over.

So no matter what format you use, be it on your smart phone [on the toilet] or on your computer [whilst hiding from the kids], I would recommend Organ Trail as there will be something for the majority of people to enjoy.

Verdict: THUMBS UP

---Second Opinion---

I covered this game in one of my first freelance reviews for RGCD, which can be found here.

I would like to add my thoughts here though as well... I have played through multiple times now and can safely say this is my favorite game of 2013. Not only did I play the PC version but also the Android version which is 100% faithful to the former.

Playing it in the dark, with the music nice and loud is a great experience... even when your wife is back-seat gaming ;-)


Available from The Men Who Wear Many Hats for a measly $4.99.

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  1. Good review, has my interest peaked. Especially if can be played on my Droid :-)