Friday, 8 November 2013

Dumpster Diving 8/11/13

Even this image was recycled
This is a first for me... I am well versed in re-purposing junk to suit my needs, I have rewired LCD screens to build portables, I have used superfluous controllers to make controllers for emulators, I have even built my own MAME cabinet for approximately £0...

I have never climbed into a bin to scavenge games consoles.

The car boot season is long gone so I have been sating my cravings at the local charity shops, I have had some success but with Christmas fast approaching most of my local haunts have decided that old consoles suck as presents.

I was on my usual circuit, bouncing charity shop to shop, when I saw one of the store managers carrying boxes of unsaleable junk out to the bins and being a curious bastard I spied an original Playstation on top. I figured it my be worth grabbing for parts so later on I walked past the dumpsters at the back of the highstreet on the off chance it was still there.

There was so much crap the lid didn't close, so I didn't feel to bad having a nose, and there was the Playstation on top. I picked up the console only to find an Xbox underneath. I previously spent years repairing and modifying these consoles so I figured whatever was wrong with it, I could most likely get it up and running.

Under the pushchair they went, and I sped off like a hobo with a Mac Donalds.

Upon returning home I tested both units and to my surprise not only did they work, they also had games in! The Xbox had Fable and the Playstation had Syphon Filter 2 (disc 1).

I guess the old saying that one mans trash is another's treasure holds true in this case.

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